Our support

Auxilia Recrutement is made up of 2 consultants, former employees of a long-established firm.
This experience, which we have all shared, has enabled us to learn and acquire knowledge and practices that we are perpetuating and modernizing today.

Our service

Our service differs from that of other recruitment agencies in 2 key ways:

Health expertise

The experience we both shared with the first recruitment agency enabled us to discover the market, the unique recruitment techniques and the subtleties of the recruitment and registration process. We strive to keep abreast of the latest developments in order to provide our customers with the best possible service, by applying our methods and systematically updating them.

Our commitment to responsiveness and flexibility

Auxilia Recrutement was born of the association and investment of 2 former expert consultants. As founding members, we are involved and active in this project. This investment and devotion to our project benefits our customers, for whom we are committed. Our customers’ satisfaction correlates with the proximity, responsiveness and flexibility that our status and ambitions nurture.

Our sales offer

We work exclusively on a success basis: our services are invoiced as soon as the practitioner is recruited. No deposit or advance payment is required. This means that if we are unable to honor our agreement, the cost of our service will be zero.

However, this flexibility is also a guarantee of quality, insofar as we include contractual clauses :

  • Loyalty Clause
  • Privacy Policy

  • Non-exclusivity clause

  • Warranty Clause

European recruitment

Because recruiting foreign practitioners is no longer an exception, Auxilia Recrutement is able to offer its customers European candidates with the cultural, linguistic and professional potential to match their requirements.

In contrast to recruitment agencies offering a European solution focused on Eastern Europe, Auxilia Recrutement concentrates its search strategy on the Iberian Peninsula and Belgium. This strategic choice is motivated by the quality of the candidates we select:

  • Equivalence of medical/surgical practice

  • Cultural proximity to France

  • Language proximity

Candidate training

To support our customers in their search for “ready-to-work” candidates, as well as our candidates in their installation projects, we offer French language training courses. Auxilia has established a partnership with a dozen French language trainers in Portugal. They are experts in medical French training, and are familiar with the French healthcare system and technical terms.
Our candidates can benefit from a training program of around 120 hours, enabling them to progress from level A0 (beginner) to B2 (advanced intermediate). Over and above generic vocabulary, our candidates acquire vocabulary specific to their profession and knowledge of the French healthcare system. Our training program also aims to prepare candidates for the TEST TCF (Test de Connaissance du Français), required by certain departmental councils of the order of doctors/dentists…when applying for registration on the Roll.
We support them in this process. On completion of this training course, they have the knowledge they need to validate their registration with the Order in France, and are also better prepared to communicate effectively with their patients and teams…..
This training session is billed to the customer.